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"...unparalleled teaching style, utterly captivating and engaging"

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9 times out of 10, people’s #1 fear, greater than taxes, snakes, even death, is standing in front of people and speaking.

As an actor, I have learned not only how to use my body, my voice, and my spirit to communicate with an audience, but also how to hold their attention, move them, and inspire them to think more deeply about their humanity. 


Whether you are an actor auditioning for a part, a student for a program, or a Professional looking to up your game to impress a client or a jury, I am here for you. 


In my coaching sessions, I will share some tangible, easily implemented tools that will make your voice more resonant, your imagination more fertile, and your audition or speech more memorable.


Together, we can build the confidence you need, to leave them wanting more.

I have condensed 3 years of learning at the Yale School of Drama and 30 years of professional experience into a technique you can implement right away and use for the rest of your career.

Kerry David, award-winning filmmaker of Breaking Their Silence

To say that we were the most perfect pairing would be an understatement…Her demeanor fluctuates between your absolute best friend and a stern den mother and then quickly back to your best friend! For me, it was the perfect cajoling and teaching I needed to prepare and then deliver my [TEDx Talk] with confidence and skill. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

William Schuyler, Syracuse University BFA student

When I started working with Mercedes, I was intimidated by my upcoming college audition season. Not only did she help me find and coach my monologues, but she gave me the confidence to walk into every audition room and know that my material was personal to me, prepared, and professional. I am now at a top BFA acting program and I know I would not be where I am without her.

Mila Cesaretti, UVA student 

Her unparalleled teaching style, utterly captivating and engaging, helped my cast feel comfortable with [devised theatre], while also pushing us all to take risks. The performance was a standing ovation success and I learned so much about directing (and acting) from Mercedes...An accomplished actor, director and teacher, Mercedes is also one of the kindest and most caring people I’ve had the fortune of meeting in the theater world.

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